The Dream Tank, LLC
An Education - Employment - Housing - Partnership in a business
The opportunity to "Dream"
Follow Your Spirit
Educate Your Mind --Train Your Body 
Exerience Success!
The Dream Tank is a cooperative for profit business that provides individuals between the ages of16 and 25 who have been convicted of a crime and are on parole, with an education, employment, housing, partnership in a business, and the opportunity to discover, develop, and direct their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens of Rochester and the world.
Join our Co-op: and become part of the renewal of Rochester into the vibrant city it once was.  By connecting the people to each other and to the small businesses in our community Rochester will become self-sufficient, free from political and corporate control.
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The Dream Tank Vision


Why repurpose 800 East Main Street?

Rochester's population has been steadily decreasing and yet we continue to construct apartment-style housing instead of homes for families that will invest in our city.

Currently, there are 800 vacant residences in Rochester.  Development plans will create another 400, making the total vacancies in Rochester, 1,200 rentable units.  This does not include the nearly 11,000 vacant homes and lots that litter our neighborhoods.

Current development plans provide limited job opportunities and for only a limited period of time.

The Dream Tank vision for 800 East Main Street is to operate a community connected restaurant that will employ our partners in the same location they will live and receive their high school diploma, higher education degrees, and/or certifications, while learning to manage their future personal and business finances.

By repurposing 800 East Main Street as the Dream Tank, LLC headquarters, our disconnected youth can reconnect with their city in a positive way,  Rochester's tax base will increase with homeownership, and the small business community will  profit as the population increases because there be no better place on Earth to live than Rochester, New York.


Stay up-to-date on issues in education by reading Education Accountability for Rochester Schools at:

As Congress begins, again, to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, it must be noted that in 2011, all members of the Education & the Workforce Committes of Congress and the HELP Committee, the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee, were given, delivered by me personally, copies of the documents below.  Some of the language in the documents has been adopted however, the intent of the process of education has been ignored.  

Our children deserve a better system of education.  Our government knows what that better systems should be.  It is up to us, the American public, to insure that ALL of our children receive an excellent education.

ESEA Reauthorization Plan

Proposal to amend H.R. 555

Reformed for Teachers


This work is written as a response to the Tim Wise books:  "White Like Me" and "ColorBlind"


                                                              Black Like No One Else

After having attended the Tim Wise event hosted by Monroe Community College, I have come to have an increased respect for his truth however, that is my reality. Read his works, attend his talks and decide for yourself.

The question I asked Mr. Wise:  "How can we change American consciousness until we change the language of education that sets the bar of achievement as "white male"?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step, the trip is much more interesting when we take that step together respectfully.